Blue Magoo

$300.00 $290.00

Blue Magoo


1 ounce (30grams)     for $290

1/8 pound(56grams)   for $430

1/4 pound(112grams) for $750

1/2 pound(224grams) for $1100

1 pound(448grams)    for $2000



Blue Magoo

Strain InformationHybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica.      THC: 16%

The ancestry of this scientific marijuana stress can be dated returned to mid 90s when it was once bred from DJ Short Blueberry, when it was pollinated by‘William’s Wonder F2’. This is a clone-only pressure and is frequently stressed and mislabeled as ‘Blue Goo’, which is a comparable but distinctive strain. Thispressure has a compact bud structure and there are orange pistils set forth viadeep purples all through the herb. The leaves have deep blue coloration. Thispressure appears to fine grow in organic soil fortified with natural nutrients.


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